Brand Profile & History

In 1948, Hajj Moussa Al Rifai opened a small shop on Mazraa Street to roast and sell nuts and kernels, at a time when the whole business and trade activities were concentrated at Al Bourg area, the heart of Lebanon. Soon this venture proved to be successful due to the highest quality standards applied from the first day of existence and the will to catch up with the pace of technological development. With time, the company became know as Al-Rifai Roastery. It developed into the most advanced roasting machines and a small shop that once started at Mazraa has evolved into a chain of modern stores. The company moved into the leadership in this field in Lebanon and the Middle East. More than 30 varieties of roasted nuts are packed in special containers that seal out oxygen and humidity. Hajj Moussa was first to be called upon by the Foch St. Merchants to check whether the imported whole nuts or kernels were of good quality. If he purchased the product, then all the others would. His taste became like a quality control standardization mechanism. Hajj Moussa was the first Lebanese roaster to start exporting to Africa and Canada between 1960 and 1965. In 1977, the company imported a state-of-the art-packaging machine. Plastic packing material was introduced by the second generation. Moreover, it was one of its kinds in the Middle East Bay. Despite the turbulence that had shaken the country and the disaster caused by the total wipe out of the Hamra Branch in 1986 and the ruining of its plants, the company faced the tragedy head on with determination to subdue all difficulties. New branches were opened at Beirut Airport Duty Free zone, not to mention ABC and major Lebanese shopping centers. Many new branches followed at the rate of a branch per year, such as the prestigious Mkalles flagship, Fahed Supermarket's express unit, Monoprix's, Ghazali's and Koraytem recently, with out forgetting to mention the previously installed outlet of Laban and Hamra Street. In 1988, Al Rifai introduced new products to the market such as smoked almonds, macadamia nuts, cheese cashews and curry pistachios.
Mohamed, the son of Hajj Moussa, has a strong conviction that roasting is a science in itself based on experience and innovation. It is also an art in the way products are presented. It requires mastery of product selection, superb roasting taste and impeccable presentation. Four International Awards for outstanding quality and trademarks in Spain, Germany, France and the United States honored this mastery. On the media level, Al Rifai was aware of the need to develop a communication platform with its current and potential consumers. That's why it created its first TV commercial in 1980 followed by another one the next year, and the company was nominated for advertising awards both domestically and internationally. In 1996, the Mazraa branch was renovated in order to cope with the image of the company for the years to come. Today, Al Rifai Roastery caters to the orders coming from outside Lebanon and has started expanding into the world with the opening of a production and a sales center in Kuwait City. This was designed to serve the clients in the Arab countries while always maintaining the highest quality standard. Yet the story of ongoing expansion doesn't end here, because ambition have trespassed what has been achieved. This is why Mohamed Al Rifai, General Manager of Al Rifai enterprise has accomplished a major fancy perspective of establishing Al Rifai International in collaboration with Al Homaizi International Management Co. for settling down the profound foundations of the first international Lebanese and Arabian Franchising System. This is definitely to say that the small business of Al Rifai talented Lebanese merchant and industrialist has been transformed with assiduity, perseverance, evolution, and consistent development into a striking brand name assuring the devoters of premium quality standards and superb innovation. Last but not least, Al Rifai Roastery has lifted the Nuts Roasting Mechanism up into a magnificent scientific trend with embodied secrets.